Diagnostic Services

…at our clinic


A diagnostic hearing test gives information on the amount of hearing that a person has.It can also tell if the hearing problem is temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. Tests are done based on a person’s developmental age, and the particular section of the auditory pathway which is being looked at.

Utilizes pure tones and speech stimuli under head or insert phones to assess the level of hearing sensitivity.

Analyzes the integrity of the middle ear and Eustachian tube function.

Assesses the integrity of the Outer Hair Cells of the cochlea to correlate with normal or abnormal hearing. (Normal OAE’s usually correlated with normal hearing, but may also indicate the presence of auditory neuropathy).

Acoustic and speech stimuli are presented through speakers in free field (no head phones) to give an estimate of hearing sensitivity (especially for difficult-to-test children who cannot be conditioned for the Basic Hearing Test).

This is a technique used for obtaining hearing sensitivity of young children (For example, child puts a peg in slot on peg board for every sound that is heard).

Assesses the integrity of neural synchrony in retro-cochlea auditory pathway (used for ruling out retro-cochlea pathology such as acoustic neuroma etc).

ABR technique to objectively estimate level of hearing sensitivity.

... at your home

In cases where individuals are not able to attend the Clinic, the JAD will visit the person’s home to conduct the appropriate diagnostic hearing tests. A quiet environment is necessary. Home visits can be booked by calling the office. An additional charge for transportation may apply, unless this can be provided.

Screenings…At work, school, fairs

A hearing screening is a short test for normal hearing. It renders a ‘pass’ or ‘fail/refer’ result. If a person does not pass a hearing screening, this means that they do not have normal hearing. In order to find out the cause and degree of hearing loss, a diagnostic assessment is recommended. Hearing screening services are offered for newborns, Health Fairs, Schools, Companies and other Industrial settings.

If you would like to book the JAD for an event, get in touch with us.

Mobile Hearing Screening Unit


Our mobile hearing unit provides a quiet environment in which hearing tests can be conducted outside of a Clinic setting. Through our mobile unit, we can deliver audiometric hearing testing service to you at your point of need. We conduct onsite tests anywhere in the island for groups not able to book appointments at our Cross Roads office in Kingston. Mobile Audiometric Testing Services are generally requested for Health Fairs, Company Medicals and School Screenings.

Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting

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A hearing aid evaluation assesses candidacy regarding benefits that can be obtained from hearing aids or other personal amplification systems. Hearing aid fittings are done by trained professionals who program the hearing aids according to each person’s needs and are able to instruct hearing aid users on the correct use and care of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Servicing and Repairs

Our fully equipped workshop and trained personnel are able to carry out repairs on Starkey hearing aids. There is also limited servicing and repair on hearing aids of other brands.

Audiological Counseling

Professional consultation can be had regarding any aspect of audiological services, including hearing aids counseling.

Appointment Information

It is not necessary to have a referral from a Doctor/Specialist in order to have your hearing tested, although this can be very useful. Persons are seen by appointment, which can be made over the phone, in person or by email/website.

When coming for your appointment, please bring (where applicable):

  • Referral from a Doctor/Specialist
  • Any previous hearing results
  • List of medication being taken
  • Hearing Aids (regardless of working condition)
  • Child’s Health Passport

Appointment times are given for: 

Mon. - Wed. 8:30am – 3:15pm; Thurs. – Fri. 8:30am - 2:30pm